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Zable, the interchangeable bead system from Zoppini Firenze, located in Venice, Italy and crafted from Italian sterling silver is one of the leading convertible charm manufacturer's in the world. 


With thousands of beads to choose from, there are no two bracelets alike. 


We carry an extensive stock of silver beads, Murano glass and crystal beads as well as the standard, bangle, rubber and wrap bracelets.


In addition to bracelets, Zable also makes earrings, rings, keychains and jewelry boxes.


Stop by today to check out our selection or pick up a catalog.


You can view their website at


If you see something you like, simply let us know and we'll order it for you.


zable, beads, jewelry box, bead storage, bracelets, interchangeable beads
zable, beads, wrap bracelet, leather, magnetic catch, interchangeable beads, Murano glass, crystal
zable, beads, interchangeable beads, silver, Italian silver, Murano glass, crystal beads, enamel